We pride ourselves in possessing a first class knowledge and expertise in Marine Risk across four areas of expertise.

Protection & Indemnity

P&I Insurance provides cover to shipowners, operators and charterers for third party liabilities encountered in the commercial operation of a vessel. Our team of brokers has a unique breadth of experience gained from having worked in P&I Clubs in both underwriting and claims, for shipowners in operations and at sea in addition to many years of broking throughout the world.

This blend of backgrounds has enabled us to develop unparalleled sectorial knowledge and in consultation with our clients, we work to create P&I programmes specifically to suit their respective trade or industry sector, providing the broadest scope of cover at a commercially competitive price.

We use our thorough understanding of the standard platform in conjunction with our knowledge of our client’s operations to recognise the exposures that require bespoke covers.

Hull & Machinery

We pride ourselves that we possess first class knowledge and expertise about the shipping industry and the challenges our shipowning clients are up to at any time. The services we offer are therefore not only limited to the pure insurance arrangements; they may also include pre-transaction elements like:

  • risk management (what risks are our clients exposed to),
  • risk policy (how these risks are dealt with)
  • insurance management (what insurance solutions are available)
  • insurance strategies (how do we deal with the markets; i.e. aggressive or conservative placing profile; and, how do we tailor-make insurance policies to cover the actual exposure)

Special Risk Solutions

Special Risks combines our leading position in the maritime and marine finance sectors and the long experience of the Team in the broadest spectrum of industry and commerce.

From our marine heritage we understand the movement of goods and commodities: but we also understand investment: we understand how finance and insurance are integral to making the most of the opportunities in a global and competitive environment.

Whether you are a financier looking to partner the Insurance Market in support of your lending, a trader looking to expand into challenging Markets, an investor looking to protect the balance sheet value of overseas interests, or simply looking to take advantage of the security and discipline this increasingly important specialist insurance can offer your business, our insight and market-leading position will help you capitalise on the benefits our covers can provide.

Claims Services

Our claims teams handle your claims from first notification until final resolution and settlement giving all claims an individually tailored service regardless of the complexity or magnitude of the potential loss.

We work with a global network of surveyors, lawyers, adjusters and other professional advisers to ensure that your claim collection truly reflects full and fair indemnity.

Throughout our organisation we have additional resources with seafaring and shipping experience that can offer valuable support to this team depending on location and nature of loss, and the type of tonnage involved.

In the early stages of a claims situation, we will be your battling partner. As the problem evolves, we will stand by your side and provide you with the ability to discuss freely, and without consequences, how various operational scenarios may affect the insurance recovery. When the claim enters the recovery phase, we will work closely with you to ensure that your loss is collected as promptly and efficiently as possible.

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