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AL Kina is a reliable international marine insurance business partner based in UAE. We provide our clients competitive quotes and insightful advice to their corporate insurance program and a trusted partner along their business exploration journey.

We have grown from strength to strength and established ourselves as a leader not only in the UAE but also around South East Asia region.

At AL Kina, we understand the importance of offering the flexibility to our clients to cater to their specific insurance needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to recognise and deliver customised risk solutions. We are strategically positioned to handle these needs, both locally and globally, through our close contacts with key underwriters in all major insurance markets.

Through working with our clients who are major players across various industries, we have an in-depth understanding of market trends, which allows us to present novel approaches in managing the most complex issues. These complex issues are not restricted to just risk management aspects, but claims management as well. We are one of the only local brokers to have a dedicated claims department, and are well-reputed to be especially effective and timely in the collection of claims on behalf of our clients. Our long-standing relationships with clients, are testament to their trust and confidence in us.

We at AL Kina are confident that we can only continue to grow.


Some of our insurance partners are

  • City Insurance Brokers
  • Skuld
  • Oman Insurance
  • Cambiaso Risso
  • Al Sagr
  • Swedish Club
  • West of England

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